About Bowser…

Bowser was born in 2011 when a group of friends went skiing and wanted to make the slopes fashionable, so they decided on making design sports sweatshirts. From this moment onwards the brand kept growing until 2017. After a three years lapse, in 2020, Bowser is back with a new team and a totally new character. Used to be focused on sea and mountain sports, Nowadays, the brand has more of an urban feeling.

Our inspiration

Urban Barcelona is the starting point of the brand identity and the source of inspiration for either the collection designs and its representation scenario. It’s about a solar Barcelona, colourful, metropolitan, casual, funny, surprising, very relaxed and internationally projected.

Bowser’s designs are meant for active people, urban sports practitioners or people that simply enjoy city life.

Mision, Vision & Values

Bowser’s mission is dressing people that make the streets alive, vibrant and give voice to urban culture. This is the reason why we want to promote urban art and culture, either be through sports, dancing, music or other types of artistic expression.

Between the central values of the brand, we have the commitment for both people and the environment. Everything is designed in Barcelona, focusing on material quality, so they are respectful to people.

Bowser attempts to manufacture ethically mixing international and local production, and all our providers comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI).

The brand’s objective is to become one of the best urban clothing brands, be sustainable and committed to the environment.

Bowser is young, fun, relaxed, carefree, provocative, and out of the box. Customer support and brand experience are vital features of our brand strategy.

The urban spirit in your clothes